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Customer Intelligence Platform

You want to connect with your customers more and understand their needs to grow your business. Yet adding loyalty programs, implementing CRM tools and launching new marketing campaigns only gets you so far. 

At the end of the day, all the data in the world won’t help unless you have clear insights. That’s where a customer intelligence platform (CIP) comes into play.

A CIP links multiple data points across disparate data sources to help you better understand each customer’s behavior. By providing automated insights on behalf of individual customers, you can simultaneously increase personalization while scaling your overall growth.  

Specifically, Birdzi’s CIP can help you gain valuable customer knowledge and increase your sales, marketing and operational effectiveness through:

KIC™ Scores

Banks use FICO®  scores to help inform lending decisions. Similarly, grocers can now use KIC™ Scores to inform marketing decisions. You don’t need to know someone’s credit history to determine the quality of a grocery customer, but by analyzing their purchasing behavior, you can assess their value to your business.

  • Shoppers with high KIC™ Scores are typically your best customers, so knowing who falls into this category can help you focus more on retaining them. 
  • Those with mid-level scores may need a bit more attention to become loyal customers, such as by using CIP insights to offer personalized product suggestions to fill out shoppers’ carts.
  • Customers with low scores may need more targeted promotions — based on CIP insights on how past promotions affect KIC™ Scores — to start becoming more frequent shoppers.

Remaining customer lifetime value (RCLV)

As you build customer loyalty from CIP insights, you want to know how these shoppers will contribute to your long-term growth. Birdzi empowers you with a remaining customer lifetime value (RCLV) score, based on historical and predicted behavior for each customer, to determine expected revenue in the years to come. 

RCLV scores enable retailers to:

  • Predict future revenue from existing customers
  • Understand how life events like parents becoming empty nesters affect their spending
  • Develop strategies to increase retention and close revenue gaps


Gaining insights into the value of a customer can be important, but what do you actually do with that information to grow your business? Birdzi’s VISPER feature helps you automatically:

  • Identify the most relevant items for each shopper
  • Create personalized offers based on past purchase patterns and proprietary profile scoring
  • Analyze ad performance to improve conversion